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Custom Orders

Custom orders are our specialty! Just about any image can be used on our custom parts. The design can be done in full color or black & white. We have a graphics staff standing by who can make modifications to a design including the addition of custom text. Images can be sent to us in JPG or PNG format. Resolution 300 dpi or greater, and must have adequate background for proper centering. There is also a FAQ below the submission form if that provides assistance. Chrome covers are not available.

There is an additional Artists Fee for any orders that require creation of a new design. Fees vary on case by case basis. There is a fee for each custom cover that varies depending on complexity. An approximate quote will be provided before a rough draft render is created.


Please fill out the form below for your custom request!

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Your Request Has Been Received!

A Representive Will Contact You Soon!

  • Can you do engraving?
    At this time we cannot do engraving on our covers. All of our images are infused through multiple layers of powerdercoating.
  • Can you color match to my bike?
    Unfortunately no. We don't use motor paint in our products, so getting an exact match to the bike's paint is near impossible. We can try to get it as close a possible, but there is no guarantee.
  • Do you offer military/veteran discounts?
    Yes! Let us know in your message to us with military ID number and we can take 10% off of your order.
  • Can I send you my old cover to get imaged?
    Unfortunately no, we cannot accept covers sent in to us. All of our covers are custom machined and go through various processes to allow us to put images on them.
  • Are there any images you can't do?
    We can do almost any image! We cannot use images that are copyrighted without direct permission. We will not create any covers with symbols or wording relating to hate speech, politcal affiliation or slander, or racist imagery. American Freedom & vendors reserves the right to refuse any design if deemed too inappropriate.
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