About Us

American Freedom was created to offer bikers a better alternative to personalize their rides. As true motorcycle enthusiasts, we were becoming deeply saddened by the custom parts found at the local Harley- Davidson dealer. So very little choices on the dealers peg board display, mostly imported covers which are mass produced in factories overseas, featuring skulls & eagles on every part. Not only do these parts look cheesy, they are poorly made from white metal castings, and generally fail during the first riding season. Installing one of these imported offerings on your quality American made Harley-Davidson motorcycle, should be considered an act of treason!


After five years of extensive R&D, our custom cycle parts were officially launched. Behold the finest hand crafted motorcycle parts you will ever find, featuring full color,high resolution true to life graphics. Not only are are these products simply breathtaking, they are affordable and engineered to last.  Each cover is forged one at a time, in the Granite State of New Hampshire by our highly skilled staff. All parts are precision machined to exact factory tolerances from solid billet aluminum, the graphics are hard-coat infused onto the aluminum cover using multiple layers of a Proprietary coating which is virtually indestructible. Over 500 unique designs are available , and we offer custom orders too. 

American Freedom custom Derby Cover Company is a industry leading manufacturer of custom products designed to fit Harley-Davidson and Victory motorcycles. In addition to our custom derby covers, we feature timing covers, air cleaner insert covers, horn covers and fuel/console doors for most Harley-Davidson Big Twin, Twin cam, Sportster and Milwaukee eight engine models.

All of our parts feature high definition graphics which are forever locked onto the aluminum cover. The quality of our graphics are far superior to airbrushing, hydrographic printing and vinyl wraps. The finish on the cover is virtually indestructible and will not wear or chip off, it is also Impervious to heat and the elements. All of our covers are machined to OEM spec, and will fit just like the factory originals. 

Custom orders and special requests are always welcome. Just about any design or picture can be featured on any of our custom made parts. Please contact us today for full details and special pricing.


All of our products are made to order by a skilled American Craftsman.


Live Free or Die, and thank you for visiting our website!


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